Friday, May 17, 2013

Seek Beauty...

There are certain days….
Days when my eyes see such beauty & wonder,
Days when I have an overwhelming faith in humanity,
Days when I feel such joy & bliss,
Days when I feel so much reverence and compassion,
that I feel as if my heart will burst….
These days come more and more frequently,
They come because I seek them,
And for this, I AM truly grateful.
 Take a little time every day to find something beautiful,
Even if you are sad,
Even if it is hard,
Even if you don’t want to,
Seek beauty in nature, art, music, books, your child’s face,
Be present, awake, aware,
Stop thinking about the past and the future,
Be here, in the now,
Savor every moment,
Let the warm sunshine touch your face,
Smell the Lilacs, inhale them and let their memory wash over you,
Then….take that beauty and share it with someone who needs it more than you do,
And for this, YOU will be truly grateful.

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