Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"All I Wanted Was a Flippin' Moon Pie for Cripes Sake!"

I experienced an unusual amount of crazy behavior yesterday.
Some..... I won't get into.....
This...... I have to share....
After an extremely trying day, I decided that rather than give in to my urge to drink large amounts of Guinness and eat a whole chocolate cake
that I would take my seven year old son Jake to Doc's Sweet's.
The biggest candy store around with lots of old fashioned candy ....
Zots, Mallow Cups, Moon Pies, wax lips etc....
End the day on a good note right?
Hmmmm.....No Such Luck!
We pulled into the parking lot at 6:59pm.
They close at 7:00pm.
So Close!!
On the way home....
My husband and I were having a "discussion" about his failure to inform me that he had secretly
started smoking again, (another high point of the day) when suddenly this Psycho women pulls up next to us at a stop light and screams out her window.......
"Stop It!" "Stop It!"
Jeff and I looked at each other like WTF?
Jeff rolled down his window and said "Are you talking to us?"
Psycho woman then screams....
"Are you aware that your son just threw a piece of paper out of the window?"
"I just called the cops on you!"
"I hope you get busted so he will stop it!"
All of this while her young son looked on in horror at her from the passenger seat.
"Could this day get any better?"
"It has got to be a full moon."
I looked at her like she was completely insane,
Jeff rolled the window back up and we drove away.
Don't get me wrong, by no means do I drive around letting my son throw garbage out of the window of our car,
that is a definite "No-No"
but I really don't think it warranted that kind of response.
It freaked Jake out so much
he actually thought the police were coming for him and started to cry.
He asked "why did she yell at me like that, it was just a tiny gum wrapper?"
I said "because she's psycho.....AND you are not supposed to throw stuff out of the window"
I went home and went to bed without my Moon Pie.
A bright glow shining through the window woke me up at 3am...
I sat up and tried to adjust my eyes to see if what I suspected was true....
Ah yes.....that explains it....
that big round man in the moon was smiling back at me.
After school today we went back to Doc's and I got my Moon Pie!

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