Friday, August 17, 2012


This is Gerald...My friends and I met him while waiting to get onto the elevator in our hotel in Bristol Virginia last weekend. We were in town for the Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stop-Over. He asked us if we were in town for the show...we said yes and he shared his story of how he had just come from delivering one of his hand made guitars to Marcus Mumford. They met up inside the old train staion in town. He kept mentioning what a nice fellow Marcus was.
He wasn't sure what to expect with him being famous and all.

Here is an excerpt from a local Bristol Paper...
“We showed Marcus a video of Gerald making the guitar,”
The Anderson guitar features include the notation “Bristol, Va. 2012” on the back of the guitar’s head in pearl inlay. Mumford’s first name etched the 12th fret, also in pristine pearl inlay.
“Gerald took the guitar out of the case,” 
 “Gerald played the guitar.
Willard Gayheart’s granddaughter, Dori Freeman (Woodlawn, Va.) sang ‘Will the Circle be Unbroken.’ ”
A deeply moved Mumford sat, watched and listened.
“He cried,”
Then he joined in on the Carter Family classic.
“He sang with Dori the last lines of the song with tears running down his face,”
“He said ‘this is the most special gift I’ve ever been given in my life.’

There are times in life that you cross paths with very special souls. This felt like one of those times. There was just something about Gerald that touched me. He was such a gentle and kind soul. Something about him reminded me of our Uncle Kenny who just passed away the week prior. They both shared a love of music. You could see the passion for it in their eyes.

Here is a link to Gerald's Website...
Look if up if you need a beautiful hand made guitar.

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