Thursday, May 3, 2012

Only love matters....

I received  heartbreaking news this morning. An old friend from Waldorf  lost her beautiful 11 year old son Konrad. He passed away last night night after a very courageous battle. I went outside to sit in the beautiful sunshine and send out prayers for their family. As I was sitting I heard a neighbor screaming at his little girl over the back fence. A father really losing his patience with his little girl until she began to cry. I thought to myself, if only he could remember how precious she is. If only he could remember what really matters in this life. A warm breeze was blowing, the warm sunshine on my face, beautiful monarch butterflies were flying around the yard. Such a peaceful feeling came over me. I am sending that peaceful feeling out to the Wishart family today, in hopes that it will bring some comfort to their broken hearts. Sending Comforting thoughts and love out to Konrad for his journey. Surrounding Paula and her family with love and light today and in the difficult days ahead.
Please remember what really matters...Only Love matters.

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