Friday, August 20, 2010

My Chilaquiles.....

A traditional Mexican dish. Typically, corn Tortillas cut in quarters and fried are the basis of the dish. Green or red Salsa or Mole, is poured over the crispy tortilla triangles, called "totopos." The mixture is simmered until the tortilla starts softening. Eggs (scrambled or fried) and pulled chicken are sometimes added to the mix. The dish is topped with cheese (typically Queso Fresco) and/or sour cream (Crema), and it is served with refried beans. Like many dishes, regional and familiar variation are quite common.
Usually, chilaquiles are eaten at breakfast or brunch. This makes them a popular recipe to use leftover tortillas and salsas.
Moreover, chilaquiles are often lauded as a cure for the common Hangover this is because in Mexico it is believed that spicy foods help in the recovery process from a hangover.

My Recipe....

4 Bonless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

1 Grilled Onion, Quartered

6 Cloves of Garlic

12 Whole Grilled Tomatoes (Cored)

(or 15-20 Grilled Tomatillos For A Green Sauce)

Roasted Skinned Green or Red Chiles (I Prefer Pablanos They Are Mild)

2T Chile Powder

Add Chicken Stock To Cover

Slow Cook for about 4 Hours Until Everthing is Tender And Strain

(Seperate Chicken From Chiles/Tomatoes/Onion/Garlic)

Blend Chiles/Tomatoes/Onion/Garlic Into a Sauce

Add to Sauce...

1 Tablespoon Cilantro Minced

Salt and Pepper To Taste

Shred Your Chicken


Mashed Pinto Beans

Tortillas Chips (Fry Them Yourself They Are Way Better)

Sour Cream (I prefer Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt)

Freshly Chopped Salsa

Any Yummy Cheese will work...
Manchengo,Queso Fresco, Chihuahua, Jack or a Blend.

Layer Into Baking Dish...

Tortillas, Chicken, Beans, Sauce, Cheese, Repeat...

Bake @ 350 Until Chips Are Softened & Cheese is Melty...

Top With Fresh Salsa & Sour Cream...

Holy Comfort Food!

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