Monday, March 29, 2010

Spread My Ashes At Toys-R-Us.....

Yesterday we drove past a huge cemetery and this is how the conversation went...
Jake - "I just saw a Funeral."
Me-"Oh, were there a lot of people outside by the coffin?"
Jake- "What's a coffin?"
Me- "Well...when you die you can either have your body put into a coffin and buried in the ground so that people can come and visit you or you can have your body cremated into ashes and have them scattered somewhere that you really loved like a beautiful mountain or by a river or something like that. They can also keep your ashes in a box or a special container."
Jake- "They burn bodies!?"
Me- "Yep, Your body is just a shell and when you die you don't need it anymore, so your soul leaves and goes on to another place...a really beautiful place"
Long Pause.....
Jake- "I think they should spread my ashes inside of Toys-R-Us"

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