Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Manifesto......

A Winter's Manifesto ::
1. Follow the sun wherever you find it. Rejoice in the slowly-growing-longer days.
2. Make Stuff.
3. With gratitude for the labor of summer and fall, do everything in front of the fire. Morning, Noon, and Night.
4. Get out there everyday, no matter how cold or quick the visit may be. Through crunchy snow underfoot and breath-warmed wool on your face, remember the magic and wonder of it all. Try not to take it for granted.
5. Shake things up, change the scenery, and Get out of Dodge.
6. Wool. Flannel. Capilene. Know them. Love them. Layer them.
7. Gather often with friends. To commiserate. To laugh. To warm the spirit.
8. Savor the memories and bounty of past seasons harvest. Plan and dream for the one yet to come.

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