Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All The Way To The Moon......

I love the early morning when the house is quiet and dark. My alarm clock goes off at 5am every morning and although I hate the sound of the alarm clock I do love those few moments that I have before I have to wake up Jake. I love to crawl into bed with him and steal some of his warmth. I just like to snuggle up next to him and watch him sleep. This morning the window at the head of the bed was cracked so I could hear the sounds of Autumn. The rain and wind were blowing the leaves down the sidewalk. I love the rustling sounds. A gentle morning breeze blew across his face and hair. I like to hold his warm little hands and put my cheek to his and tell him "I love you all the way to the moon"...."I love you too Mama". "Can you hear Mr.Wind chasing the leaves around outside"...."Uh huh" Back to sleep for a bit....Life is good.

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