Friday, July 24, 2009

Taste-Full Tours Ann Arbor Adventure.....

O.k.Who's In???
I am trying to organize a group of my favorite "Fun-Girls" to go on this adventure to Ann Arbor.
My friend and former co-worker "Chef Laura Romito" has started this great new tour company called Taste-Full-Tours..
They offer incredible culinary tours.
I just spoke with her and if we can fill at least 17 spots (up to 28) we will be able to get our own private tour of Zingerman's Deli, Zingerman's Creamery and Zingerman's Bake Shop as well as a favorite Middle Eastern restaurant (they claim the falafel is the best you will find this side of the Nile), a tremendous local wine shop, an outstanding produce and specialty foods and flower shop, and an elegant spice and tea venue.
The tour runs about 5 hours (usually between 9am - 4pm) and will depart on a private shuttle from the corner of 6th and Lafayette Streets in downtown Royal Oak (adjacent to the parking structure) the cost is $75 per person.
It looks like a weekday will work best as far as traffic in and out of the shops and it will probably be during the first or second week of August.
Let me know A.S.A.P if you are interested and what dates you can or cannot make it.
I hope you will come along even if you have already been to a few of these spots, because truthfully….
how often do you get to spend the entire day in Ann Arbor with girlfriends and NO KIDS!!
This promises to be a great "Girls Day Out Adventure”!
we need to fill at least 17 spots (up to 28)
so please feel free to invite some “Fun-Girls" of your own!

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