Friday, March 13, 2009

Can We Play Uno.....

The first words I hear as my eyes open this morning..."Can we play Uno?" I usually get this question about 17 times a day. The child is Uno-Crazy, and he always wins! We had no school today due to parent teacher conferences, so we began by playing Uno in bed during breakfast. Then Jake decided to play "Photographer Guy" his costume was a hat and bow-tie, very dashing! This also doubles as his "Detective Guy" costume. We then had a session of "Tickle-Time" which is always my personal favorite, I love to hear the uncontrollable laughter and pleas for mercy. I was then treated to a "Magic Show".....the old finger in the box trick, which he is completely fascinated with since learning it from our favorite barber/Jake's future father-in-law Mr. Jason from the Chop Shop .

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